Tips to Find Leftover Vaccines

These are just suggestions and there is no guaranteed way to find soon-to-expire vaccines. Please make sure to respect others when searching.

Search for Local Vaccination Standby Lists

Take a look at some of your local vaccination clinics websites to see if they offer a "standby list", "rapid on-call list", or "cancellation list". These are often the easiest way to get a chance at a leftover vaccine.

Call your Local Vaccination Providers

If you cannot find any information about leftover vaccines on their website, call and ask if they usually have any available and how they are distributed. (Please share your findings with your local group as not to overwhelm providers phone lines)

Visit your Local Vaccine Provider Around Closing. (2PM-5PM)

Some providers allow lines to distribute excess vaccines at the end of the day. Please check to make sure they allow waiting before waiting and share your findings with your local group.

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